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Introducing SprayFresh!

SprayFresh is the world’s first instant body cleanser, sanitizer, deodorizer and deodorant all in one!

SprayFresh Highlights

* All in one instant body cleanser, sanitizer, deodorizer & deodorant
* Eliminates body odor on contact
* Full body odor protection
* Keeps you smelling fresh for 24+ hours
* More effective than ordinary deodorant
* Contains Stabilized Oxygen & Silver
* Contains NO Aluminum, Alcohol, Potassium Alum or PG
* Sprays on cool & light
* Leaves no residue
* Unscented
* Antimicrobial formula gets you cleaner than soap
* Great for skin health
* Simple, natural, safe & effective
* Saves you time & money

Instant Body Deodorization

Spray your underarms, hands, feet and private parts to eliminate odor instantly and keep it away all day long.

Use it after you shower or bathe as a deodorant to keep odor away all day long.

When you don’t have time to shower and you smell bad, use it as an instant cleanser, sanitizer and deodorizer!

Just spray it on and the odor is gone. SprayFresh is like a shower in a bottle!

You’ll never smell bad again and will always stay fresh with SprayFresh!

Contains Stabilized Oxygen & Silver

SprayFresh is a patent pending formula containing safe and natural ingredients including stabilized oxygen and silver colloids that kill odor causing bacteria and their smelly toxins on contact and keep them from coming back all day.

Silver has been used in medicine for centuries as an antimicrobial agent, burn healer, wound healer and more.

SprayFresh penetrates deep into the pores where odor causing bacteria live, feed, breed and spread and acts as a shield to keep them from coming back.

It’s unscented, sprays on light and cool and leaves no sticky residue. It comes in 100 ml, 50 ml and 7.5 ml sizes so you can use it at home, when you travel, after you workout or whenever you're on the go.

SprayFresh is Safe & Natural!

All ingredients in Sprayfresh are rated a 1 (the safest) on the EWG skin deep database.

SprayFresh is unscented and contains no harmful chemicals like Aluminum, Potassium Alum, Parabens, Phthalates or Propylene Glycol found in many deodorants.

SprayFresh only contains water, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate (hydrogen peroxide) and silver colloids.

Stay Fresh With SprayFresh!

Ordinary deodorants are meant to be applied only to clean underarms and then usually break down after a short period of time leaving you smelly again.

SprayFresh deodorizer cleanses your underarms and your entire body instantly and keeps it clean and odor free all day long!

Stay shower fresh with SprayFresh!

It works amazingly well on stinky feet. It eradicates foot odor instantly and even deodorizes socks and shoes.

SprayFresh is also the ultimate hand deodorizer and sanitizer! Use it after you handle anything dirty or stinky or can’t wash your hands.

It also instantly cleanses and deodorizes your private areas. 

SprayFresh has so many unique applications!

Never Smell Bad Again!

SprayFresh is great for when you don’t have time to take a shower but really need to. It's also perfect for people who have difficulty showering.

Seniors and people with disabilities will love how quick and easy it is to freshen up with SprayFresh.

Just spray it all over your body to instantly cleanse, sanitize, deodorize and stay fresh all day. Caregivers - you will love it too!

Body odor can increase as we age. It is also associated with certain diseases. But you can safely and effectively eliminate even the worst smelling body odor in a flash with SprayFresh!

Quick Post Workout Clean Up

SprayFresh is a must have for people who exercise! You don’t even need to shower afterword. Save time and money by simply spraying yourself clean after you’re done working out, running, hiking, playing golf or doing any activity that makes you sweat.

SprayFresh even deodorizes and cleanses workout bags, gloves, yoga mats and anything else that comes in contact with your perspiration. Just spray the odor away!

Stay Fresh On The Go

SprayFresh is also perfect for when you travel and need to freshen up but can’t. 

SprayFresh is a must have on a camping trip. You can go days without showering and still stay completely clean and odor free using SprayFresh.

You can even use on your head and hair.

No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always stay fresh with SprayFresh!

Instantly Cleanse, Sanitize And Deodorize

SprayFresh is great for people who work with their hands all day. It instantly cleanses, sanitizes and eliminates odor and will never dry your hands out.

SprayFresh neutralizes food odors and many other odors. Use it after you pump gasoline to eliminate fuel odor!

Awesome on Foot Odor

SprayFresh instantly eliminates the worst foot odor every time you use it.

Kids especially can have really bad foot odor. It's important to keep your feet clean.

SprayFresh also instantly cleanses and deodorizes socks, shoes and all other clothing.

Keep It Clean Down There

Your private parts can get as sweaty and stinky as your underarms and feet. SprayFresh instantly cleanses and deodorizes every body area...even the stinkiest butt.

Use SprayFresh when you don’t have time to shower up before having intimate moments. Use it after too!

SprayFresh saves you time and money!

Using SprayFresh will not only keep you smelling fresh, it will also save you time and money.

A 10 minute shower requires 25 gallons of water and costs $.40 or more. SprayFresh only costs about $.15 - $.25 per use.

When you're running late to work or a meeting and don't have time to shower, just spray your body clean instantly!

When you're traveling and you don't have time to shower, just spray the germs and odor away instantly with SprayFresh.

Save yourself valuable time after your workout by using SprayFresh instead of showering!

SprayFresh pays for itself by saving you hours of valuable time every month.

Always Stay Fresh With SprayFresh!

Discover the amazing benefits of SprayFresh today.

Order your $2.99 trial sample now and take the SprayFresh challenge.

Wait until you smell really bad and then try it out. You'll be absolutely amazed!


How do you use it?

SprayFresh is a liquid spray. Just point and spray. You can let it air dry in a few minutes or tap dry.

It’s unscented, sprays on light and refreshing and leaves no residue. 

It works on your entire body?

Yes! SprayFresh is more than just an underarm deodorant. It’s a whole body instant deodorizer. Use it on your hands, feet, private parts and underarms. SprayFresh is like a shower in a bottle!

How does SprayFresh work so quickly and effectively?

SprayFresh contains Oxygen and Silver colloids that instantly work to neutralize odor and eliminate the bad organisms and their toxins that are the cause of body odor. 

Is it safe? What are the ingredients?

Absolutely. The SprayFresh formula contains silver and oxygen which are both beneficial to your skin. It eliminates the harmful organisms which are bad for your skin.

Ingredients: water, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate (hydrogen peroxide), silver colloids. (Patent pending formula)

How long does SprayFresh last?

For most people It lasts 24 hours for underarm use. You'll want to reapply after you shower, bathe, swim, exercise or sweat excessively.

How long does a bottle last?

For daily underarm use only:
8 ml lasts 4-7 days
2 oz lasts 20-30 days
4 oz lasts 45-60 days

For daily underarms, private parts and feet:
8 ml lasts 2-3 days
2 oz lasts 10-15 days
4 oz lasts 20-30 days

These are general estimates. The more you use the longer the odor protection lasts.

Besides body odor, what are other uses for SprayFresh?

SprayFresh deodorizes, sanitizes and cleanses anything that has been in contact with your perspiration. This includes clothing, gloves, socks, bedding, and exercise equipment. 

It also deodorizes most things your hands come in contact with…including food odors. 

Check out all of the uses for SprayFresh here.

This is amazing. If I use SprayFresh I’ll never stink again?

Absolutely. As long as you use SprayFresh daily, you can keep your entire body shower fresh all day. No matter where you are you can always stay Fresh with SprayFresh!

Keep a bottle in your bathroom, office, travel bag, gym bag, glove compartment, pocket or purse.

How much is shipping? Do you offer free shipping?

We offer FREE shipping on everything!

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We sure do. If you’re not happy with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a speedy refund.

Where do you ship to? Where are you located?

We currently ship to customers in the continual US. We are located in Minneapolis, MN.

SprayFresh Has So Many Applications!

Underarms - Feet - Hands - Private Parts - Clothing - Shoes...