How do you use it?

SprayFresh is a liquid spray. Just point and spray. You can let it air dry in a few minutes or tap dry.

It’s unscented, sprays on light and refreshing and leaves no residue. 

It works on your entire body?

Yes! SprayFresh is more than just an underarm deodorant. It’s a whole body instant deodorizer. Use it on your hands, feet, private parts and underarms. SprayFresh is like a shower in a bottle!

How does SprayFresh work so quickly and effectively?

SprayFresh contains Oxygen and Silver colloids that instantly work to neutralize odor and eliminate the bad organisms and their toxins that are the cause of body odor.

Is it safe? What are the ingredients?

Absolutely. The SprayFresh formula contains silver and oxygen which are both beneficial to your skin. It eliminates the harmful organisms which are bad for your skin.

Ingredients: water, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, silver colloids.

How long does SprayFresh last?

For most people It lasts 24 hours for underarm use. You'll want to reapply after you shower, bathe, swim, exercise or sweat excessively.

How long does a bottle last?

For daily underarm use only:
8 ml lasts 4-7 days
2 oz lasts 20-30 days
4 oz lasts 45-60 days

For daily underarms, private parts and feet:
8 ml lasts 2-3 days
2 oz lasts 10-15 days
4 oz lasts 20-30 days

These are general estimates. The more you use the longer the odor protection lasts.

Besides body odor, what are other uses for SprayFresh?

SprayFresh deodorizes, sanitizes and cleanses anything that has been in contact with your perspiration. This includes clothing, gloves, socks, bedding, and exercise equipment. 

It also deodorizes most things your hands come in contact with…including food odors. 

Check out all of the uses for SprayFresh here

This is amazing. If I use SprayFresh I’ll never stink again?

Absolutely. As long as you use SprayFresh daily, you can keep your entire body shower fresh all day. No matter where you are you can always stay Fresh with SprayFresh!

Keep a bottle in your bathroom, office, travel bag, gym bag, glove compartment, pocket or purse.

How much is shipping? Do you offer free shipping?

We offer FREE shipping on all orders.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We sure do. If you’re not happy with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a speedy refund. 

Where do you ship to? Where are you located?

We currently ship to customers in the continental US. We are located in Minneapolis, MN.