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SprayFresh was created specifically for healthy and active people on the go. We think that yogis will absolutely love SprayFresh and we also think that Yoga Retailers will become one of our most successful sales channels.

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SprayFresh sells itself when you properly demonstrate it. Every time a new class begins, conduct a simple demo at the end of the first day. Pass a bottle around at the end of your session so your clients can try it.

Explain the benefits of using SprayFresh and how to purchase more. You can even encourage them not to bathe or shower before coming to their first session so that they can experience the instant deodorizing components of SprayFresh for themselves right there. They'll also be amazed at how long they stay odor free!

A simple, fun and informative 5 minute demo to 20 clients could result in 2-4+ sales and $50+ in added revenue while adding awesome value to your client’s lives!

You can also place bottles of SprayFresh in your locker rooms as an amenity.

Encourage your clients to use SprayFresh instead of showering. A 10 minute shower requires 25 gallons of water and costs $.40 or more. SprayFresh only costs you $.10 - $.15 per use. Conserve water, save money and save your clients time!

We will provide signage that lets people know how to use SprayFresh and that they can purchase it there.

As a VIP retailer you’ll also be the first to get to order new products like the organic fragrances we will be releasing soon.

All that we ask of our VIP retailers is to please help us out by engaging with us on social media and be willing to participate in a few surveys that we will be conducting over the coming months. That’s it!

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